Scoring list

Scoring is easy since the items are already assorted within the subscales they belong to. Each subscale is identified by a title (heading) and items in each subscale are numbered starting with 1. To identify the item wording, the item number 4 (e.g.) in subscale Physical Health is the fourth item in that scale.

The scoring for each age group version applies both to the children and to the parents questionnaire of that age group.

The following information is given for each age group version, beginning with the version for Children I (8 subscales). This questionnaire is an exception because it is rather short (21 items), uses only 3 rather than 5 response choices and should be conducted as an interview.

The Children II long version contains 64 items, 5 response choices and 9 subscales. The Adolescent III version contains 77 items, 5 response choices and 11 subscales. For Children II and Adolescents III it is possible to use a 35 item short version, which retains the scale structure and contains 9 subscales with identical items for both age groups. This version is still experimental and needs to be tested psychometrically in upcoming studies. In addition, work in progress is ongoing with regard to the development and testing of a ultra-short 16-item version, identical for all 3 age groups, which will not yield scale scores but only a total score.

The following scoring list is applicable to children’s and parents long versions and will be described for each age group (I,II,III), followed by the 35 item short version for the age groups II and III.