Generic quality of life questionnaires were included for children (KINDL)
and adults (SF-12) in the Haemo-QoL project:

KINDL questionnaire 

SF-12 questionnaire

Questionnaire for the assessment of subjective physical functioning:

European Projects in which quality of life (generic and disease-specific)
was assessed in children and which are related with the Haemo-QoL project:

The DISABKIDS Project aims at assessing health-related quality of life in
children and adolescents with a chronic health condition cross-culturally.

The KIDSSCREEN Project aims at assessing health-related quality of life in
healthy children and adolescents cross-culturally.

The ESCHQoL Project is a European study in clinical, health economic and
quality of life outcomes in haemophilia treatment. 2024 haemophiliac patients
(kids, parents, and adults) will be investigated in 22 European countries.

MAPI Research Institute
Mapi Research Institute is an international company
with a special interest in advancing the worldwide use of patient-reported and clinical
assessments through linguistic validation for appropriate cross-cultural use and interpretation.

Bayer Biological Products, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA
has sponsored the Haemo-QoL project.

The Bayer Biological Products EU Website ( is a resource
for patients, families, and healthcare professionals interested in learning more
about haemophilia and its treatment.

The Bayer Biological Products corporate website (
contains information about the division, the therapeutic areas for which we
manufacture treatments, and news about our research and technology achievements.