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The questionnaires can be downloaded and used after registration without any fee for academic purposes. If the Haemo-QoL questionnaire is used in a clinical trial the developer of the Haemo-QoL should be consulted prior to the start of the study. The User is asked to identify him/herself as well as the institution he/she is working in and to provide information about the intended use of the questionnaires in research or clinical practice. When using the Haemo-QoL questionnaire in a clincial or epidemiological trial a synopsis must be provided prior to the start of the study to the Haemo-QoL Group. In addition scoring information is provided for each questionnaire version to score the questionnaire either by hand or by using a computer program after data input as well as a short manual.

It is mandatory that items of the questionnaire are not changed in wording and that no unauthorised translations are made.

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